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This comprehensive proposal is set to create a new village for Edinburgh, adjacent to Heriot Watt University.

The new village will be an exemplar for sustainable development with its own identity and community. At a size of around 1,500 homes, it can support essential community facilities such as a new primary school and local shops.

Curriehill Rd, Riccarton, Edinburgh

Proposal & Promotion

This proposed new village to the south west of Edinburgh currently lies within the Edinburgh Green Belt directly adjacent Heriot Watt University and Research Park.

The site has not previously been promoted for inclusion in the City of Edinburgh Local Development Plan. Having now invested in the promotion of this site, Wallace demonstrated that the scheme is effective and deliverable, creating much needed new homes and employment.

The strategic development plan (SESplan) sets out a housing land requirement of 32,200 homes to 2024. In addition to the existing land supply and new allocations set out in the emerging local development plan (LDP), it is anticipated that there is a potential shortfall of housing land in excess of 7,000 homes up to 2019. The City of Edinburgh Council therefore needs to give further consideration to more allocations for sustainable development to meet the strategic housing requirements set out by SESplan.

This site provides an excellent opportunity to locate part of the strategic housing land requirement set by SESplan for Edinburgh in a sustainable location.

A detailed development framework has now been produced for the site and forms part of the representations submitted to the LDP second proposed plan stage and the local plan examination. Other submissions include detailed assessments of housing land supply, education capacity and a statement of site effectiveness. These assessments, which have been undertaken through Wallace and the appointed consultant team, confirm that there are no barriers to the immediate development of the site.

One of the key benefits of the proposal is its sustainable location, being extremely well connected to Curriehill Rail Station, Hermiston Park & Ride and the exiting bus connections at the university. When taking account of education requirements the site can either be accommodated within the existing education infrastructure, or provide the required facilities or upgrades.

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) has now been submitted and it will be Wallace's intention to lodge an application for planning permission in principle during the course of 2017. All of the above work has taken place in tandem with the ongoing engagement with local and central government politicians, community councils and the community, which has helped us to understand some of the local concerns which will need to be addressed as part of the Wallace proposal.

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