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The land to the east of Livingston provides the potential for a mixed-use development, incorporating up to 1,230 homes with a community hub, which includes a new primary school if required. The site can be delivered in five phases, with the initial phases being deliverable independently.

Uphall Station Road, Pumpherston Farm, Livingston

Proposal & Promotion

Wallace entered into a promotion agreement in 2012 with the Pumpherston Estate to promote their land for development. Over the past four years, we developed a comprehensive promotion strategy for the site and instructed and funded a team of specialist consultants to asses many of the technical, landscape and infrastructure elements which demonstrate that this a sustainable and effective site.

The proposal comprises of over 1,200 homes, of which 25% would be affordable. The proposal also incorporates open space for community use along the riparian corridor of the River Almond. The scale and design of this proposal will integrate with and be in-keeping with the character of the local area. The analysis that has been undertaken as part of our representation to the development plan review process comprehensively demonstrates that this is a logical extension to the south side of Pumpherston.

Wallace, through appointed consultants, have made comprehensive representations to the local development proposed plan, disputing the council's housing need assessment and proposing the that council has a shortfall of over 4,000 homes. Recent appeal decisions have supported this contention. The site is currently not identified as a preferred site within the local development plan review process as the council dispute that this number of homes is required.

On the basis of the identified shortfall in housing land supply within West Lothian and the council not maintaining an effective five-year housing land supply (which they are required by Scottish Planning Policy to do), in consultation with the land owner and our planning advisors, it was agreed to take forward an application for planning permission in principle on phase 1 of the site, approximately 230 homes.

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) has now been submitted and a community consultation event held. As part of the promotion strategy put forward by Wallace, an application for planning permission was submitted in 2016 and subsequently refused by the council. An appeal was lodged within 6 weeks of the refusal, but unfortunately the appeal was dismissed by the Reporter.

Wallace will continue to promote the site through the further reviews of the development plan process.

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