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The land at Netherton Farm, Barrhead, has been successfully promoted by Wallace for 300 homes, and now forms part of a wider strategic development area of 1,100 homes within the adopted East Renfrewshire Local Development Plan. Wallace, along with the council, consortium members and the lead consultant we appointed, won an award for Delivering in Partnership at the Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning 2015.


Wallace is proud to have won an award for the Delivering Partnership category at the Scottish Awards in Quality and Planning in 2015.

Springfield Rd, Barrhead, Scotland

Proposal & Promotion

This is a very complicated site with a number of infrastructure and technical challenges that required a consortium approach to deliver the aspirations of the council and community. There are four land owners, of which East Renfrewshire council is one. As one of the lead consortium members, Wallace have worked with the other land owners and the council to develop a comprehensive but deliverable proposal for the Barrhead South Strategic Expansion Area.

The promotional strategy, developed by Wallace for this major scheme, provided the credibility for the council to support the proposals and take forward the site to become a firm allocation in the local development plan.

Through the specialist consultant team we employed, and the extensive engagement work that took place with the council at every level over three years, results produced a detailed development framework for the whole expansion area being agreed. This framework has now been adopted by the council as supplementary planning guidance and the site is now an allocation within the adopted local development plan. One of the key aspects of this proposal was deliverability and viability, and through the work Wallace undertook we were able to agree with the council a detailed proposal through viability modelling to evidence the deliverability and agree a viable but comprehensive planning gain package with the council.

Through this cooperative approach we have been able to agree the overall objectives for developing the site which, includes a new railway station and the overall planning gain package. This now allows for the individual applications for planning permission to come forward in a comprehensive way.

Sale Process

Through consultation with our land owner, Wallace have developed a comprehensive sales strategy for the site and have openly marked the site to a number of home builders. One home builder has been selected to work with Wallace to take forward an application for planning permission for the whole site. The site will be sold in two phases to one home builder.

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